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What to Consider When Buying Gold Over the Phone in Virginia Beach

Buying-Gold-Coins-Virginia-Beach-VA Buying gold for investment purposes surpassed $52-billion this past year, so it is no surprise that regulators are reporting a rise in rip-offs by deceptive dealers! To avoid fraud activity common among telemarketers hawking gold coins using high pressure sales tactics, or dealers using media outlets aimed at investors that may fall victim to sales pitches, these are a few safety tips that apply to buying gold coins and bars:
  • Avoid paying more than a 5% to 8% markup over spot price
  • Avoid bait-and-switch tactics – buying gold coins for historical value
  • Avoid buying proof coins – stick with regular coins for investment
  • Avoid buying gold from cold callers over the phone
  • Find a reputable dealer
We are one of the oldest gold and silver dealers in the nation and are listed in the US Mint as a trusted dealer of precious metals. Boost your buying options when buying gold online from us. Our online selection is much wider than the inventory of gold coins or gold bars in our store in Virginia Beach!

Investing in Gold Coins or Gold Bars

Gold-Bullion-Virginia-Beach-VA If you are new to investing and questioning whether there is an advantage to investing in gold coins versus gold bars in Virginia Beach, the answer is that it really doesn’t make a whole lot of difference as long as you buy gold bullion products. For most investors, there is a preference for buying gold coins over gold bars because the coins are packaged in tubes and easier to handle. As a potential investor of gold coins in Virginia Beach, we recommend buying as close to the “spot price” as possible, such as:
  • 1-Oz. American Gold Eagles
  • Krugerrands
  • 1-Oz. Gold Bars
  • Perth Mint Kangaroo
  • Austria’s Philharmonics
We are a long-established, reliable and trustworthy precious metals dealer with a stellar reputation for doing business online. We invite you to browse through our online selection of gold bullion and other precious metals. And please call a member of our trustworthy team if you have questions!

Why Should Virginia Beach Investors Buy Gold Bullion from CMI?

Online-Near-Me-Virginia-Beach-VA When buying gold bullion from us, you can be assured that we will provide you the biggest profits, not the ones that provide us the biggest profits! And for those buying precious metals for insurance rather than profits, we recommend the precious metals that we believe will meet your goals. These are a few added reasons for investors in Virginia Beach to buy gold bullion from us:
  • Better Business Bureau A+ rating
  • Listed in the US Mint as a trusted dealer of precious metals
  • Outstanding customer service
  • We take an interest in educating our investors
  • Great online user experience
Visit us online to invest in gold bullion, or call CMI Gold & Silver to seek advice from a broker. 800-528-1380