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What to Consider When Buying Gold Over the Phone in Tulsa

If you’re a first-time buyer in purchasing silver and gold, it’s essential that you search out our guidance to prevent fraud and financial loss as well as to educate yourself.

It’s not unusual for amateurs to hawk gold coins utilizing high pressure sales tactics, or traders using media outlets geared toward prospective investors who might be easily victimized by sales pitches, and oblivious that they may be buying gold at a markup rendering it impossible to recover costs.

As even a veteran of buying gold in Tulsa, or a possible initial buyer, we urge:

  • Purchasing gold as near “spot price” as possible
  • You not to purchase gold bullion merchandise
  • To deal with a trustworthy and reliable dealer for example CMI
  • Assessing Better Business Bureau evaluations to investigate complaints against traders

You can benefit from purchasing online with us compared with a local store because our gold bullion inventory and options are usually greater.

Read through our website now. Put a call in to us in case you have questions about buying gold!


Investing in Gold Coins or Gold Bars

With gold coins and gold bars it will not make any difference which you purchase so long as they are gold bullion. Coins are often purchased by investors as they are offered in tubes which are easy to take care of. Still another reason is they are made by government mints.

If you’re a possible investor of gold coins or gold bars in Tulsa, we recommend purchasing as near “spot price” as you can.

  • 1-Oz.  American Gold Eagles
  • Krugerrands
  • 1-Oz.  Gold bars
  • Perth Mint Kangaroo

You may go to our gold costs page to examine deals on our specials page for purchasing, or our popular gold coins and bars which can be at lower premiums.


Why Should Tulsa Investors Buy Gold Bullion from CMI?

Why Should Tulsa Investors Buy Gold Bullion from CMI?

Tulsa investors will experience confidential, secure and effective purchases of gold bullion through our website!

We’re a trader with a history of promoting bullion investors all over the USA.

These are a couple of reasons for you to choose to buy online from us:

  • Great user experience that is on the internet
  • A+ BBB rating
  • We work to guarantee customer satisfaction and confidentiality
  • Recorded in the US mint as a trusted dealer of precious metals
  • We pride ourselves on educating our investors

Visit with us or telephone CMI Gold & Silver for a broker that is trustworthy and ready to help you in Tulsa. 800-528-1380


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