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What to Consider When Buying Gold Over the Phone in Omaha


We are a long-established and trusted precious metals dealer selling both physical gold bullion bars and gold coins across the nation.

With the knowledge that Americans are losing millions through coin scams, we are committed to making investors aware of the dangers of buying gold over the phone in Omaha.

It is common for telemarketers and fraudulent dealers using media outlets to hawk gold using high pressure sales tactics to sell to those who may be unaware they are buying gold at a markup making it impossible to recoup costs.

Whether you are a veteran in the world of buying gold, or a potential first-time investor, we recommend:

  • Buying gold as close to “spot price” as possible
  • Cautiously avoiding bait-and-switch tactics
  • Purchasing gold bullion products – not numismatic collectible coins
  • Buying gold from a reputable and trustworthy dealer such as CMI

We encourage you to browse through our site with its wide range of buying options, or call our office to speak with a trustworthy team member.

Investing in Gold Coins or Gold Bars


Whether you are investing in gold coins or gold bars, it is important to buy gold as close to the “spot price” of gold as possible.

We are frequently asked by Omaha investors which is best to buy – gold coins or gold bars. With many different gold coins and bars available, it doesn’t make a whole lot of difference which you buy as long as you buy bullion products.

Many Omaha investors prefer to buy gold coins because of their ease of handling. The best known are:

  • 1-Oz. American Gold Eagles by the US Mint
  • Krugerrands by the South Africa Mint
  • Gold Maple Leafs by the Royal Canadian Mint
  • Kangaroos by Australia’s Perth Mint
  • Philharmonics by the Austrian Mint

Visit our Bullion Prices page on this site for current prices on the more popular gold bars and coins.

Why Should Omaha Investors Buy Gold Bullion from CMI?


It is important if you are investing in gold bullion in Omaha to remember gold is a commodity, and you are responsible for ensuring that you are not overpaying.

On the day you buy, you can check the spot price of gold on our site to make sure you are not paying more than a 5% to 8% typical premium markup over spot price.

While excessive markups are common with telemarketers and fraudulent dealers, our investors can buy gold bullion online from us at a low premium markup over spot price.

These are a few reasons why investors trust us when investing in gold bullion:

  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • Listed in the US Mint as a trusted dealer of precious metals
  • A great online user experience
  • Available customer access to live spot prices
  • We take the time to educate our investors

Call CMI Gold & Silver to speak with a trustworthy broker. 800-528-1380