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What to Consider When Buying Gold Over the Phone in Lexington

As a long-standing and trustworthy gold and silver dealer, we believe it’s important to educate investors about some of the potential dangers when buying gold. Telemarketers (on the radio or TV) are notorious for charging high mark-ups that can range anywhere from 30% to as high as 100%. This fact alone will make recouping your investment very difficult if not impossible.

If Lexington area residents are first-time investors or even experienced investors, high markups, bait and switch tactics, and the “lowest price” can result in investing in gold that will not reap the benefits you were hoping for. We recommend doing some research before buying gold:
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau for dealer complaints
  • Purchase as close to spot prices when buying gold bullion
  • Buy gold bullion products (gold coins & bars)
  • Avoid collectible (numismatic) coins
  • Verify which products are eligible for IRAs
Lexington investors are encouraged to review our site for information on dos and don’ts of buying gold.

Investing in Gold Coins or Gold Bars

The important thing to remember is buying gold coins or bars as close as possible to “spot price”. In addition, whether you buy gold coins or bars make little difference as long as you are buying gold bullion products.

Many of our investors prefer coins over bars because of the storage requirements as well as ease in handling. Because gold coins are packaged in tubes, they are simply easier to count, easier to handle, and require less storage space. The top-selling, government-minted gold bullion coins are:
  • US Mint – 1-oz Gold Eagles
  • South African Mint – Krugerrands
  • Canadian Mint – Gold Maple Leafs
  • Australia’s Perth Mint – Kangaroos
  • Austrian Mint – Philharmonics
Give us a call at 800-528-1380 for any questions or concerns about buying gold coins or gold bars in Lexington.

Why Should Lexington Investors Buy Gold Bullion from CMI?

CMI Gold and Silver has been around since 1973. Oddly enough, we started out only offering different types of silver products to investors because Americans could not own gold bullion legally until January of 1975. We are now proud to be one of the oldest dealers throughout the United States!

We offer gold bullion products in all shapes and sizes. Experienced Lexington investors can review our site for availability as well as gold bullion prices. If you are a new investor, feel free to call one of our brokers for information and recommendations to help you reach your goals. Reach out to us today to start or continue buying gold for an investment. 800-528-1380
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