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What to Consider When Buying Gold Over the Phone in Jacksonville

Buying gold as an investment has historically been a great way to grow the worth of assets without having to be backed by a bank or government, and is one of the best and safest investments you can make.

With that said, there are also dangers associated with buying gold, especially from firms sponsoring advertisements that promote gold coins at grossly inflated prices and convince investors to buy at excessively high markups.

Frequently, those advertisements are then reinforced by telemarketers talking about alarming topics to convince their callers to react emotionally rather than logically, and paying far too much.

Whether you are a veteran in the world of buying gold in Jacksonville, or stepping out for the first time, we are here for you to:

  • Provide straightforward, honest answers to any of your questions
  • Provide advice about buying and collecting gold

  • Do exactly what we say we will do as a trustworthy vendor

We encourage you to browse through our online selection, and place a call to our trustworthy team for advice about buying gold coins or gold bullion bars as an investment.

Investing in Gold Coins or Gold Bars

While there are many different gold coins and bars available online with little difference for you as an investor, buying gold coins in Jacksonville for investment is generally preferred because they come in tubes and are more convenient to handle.

We highly recommend buying gold bullion products rather than numismatic-collectible coins most frequently promoted by telemarketers that add markups of 20% to 30%, and even up to 50%!

Buying gold as close to the “spot price” as possible is advisable because at times all gold liquidates at the same price, regardless of its form.

  • 1-Oz. Gold Eagles: best-selling gold bullion coins in Jacksonville & the world Carry premiums (markup over spot) of 4.3% to 5%
  • Krugerrands: nearly as popular as Gold Eagles
  • Can usually be bought at 1% lower premiums than Gold Eagles
  • RCM Gold Maple Leafs, Perth Mint’s Kangaroos and Austria’s Philharmonics
  • Well-known but not as popular as Gold Eagles and Krugerrands

We recommend visiting our online gold prices page for current prices on the more popular gold coins and bars, and our gold specials page for buying gold at still lower premiums.

Why Should Jacksonville Investors Buy Gold Bullion from CMI?

Gold bullion comes in two forms: coins and bars.

When investing in precious metals, you want to buy forms that have the smallest premiums over the value of their gold content, and are easy to sell. Putting your money into popular gold bullion coins in Jacksonville is wise because there is a wide market for them.

Why choose us for gold investments?

  • We take the time to educate our investors
  • Time-honored reputation since our founding in 1973
  • Pioneers in the bullion precious metals industry in this area
  • Online transactions are handled as privately as possible
  • Pleasant and easy to do business with

Call CMI Gold Silver for trustworthy advice. 800-528-1380