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What to Consider When Buying Gold Over the Phone in Fresno

We are a well-established company with a long history since 1977 of serving nationwide and international markets with the opportunity of buying gold as an investment.

We have spent decades educating the public about the risks of shady dealers, media advertising and telemarketers that promote gold coins at inflated prices using deceptive marketing to convince investors to pay highly inflated prices when buying gold.

As one of the oldest gold bullion and silver dealers in the nation playing a major role in the introduction of gold and silver markets to investors, we encourage investors interested in buying gold in Fresno to use our online services and information, or to place a call to one of our knowledgeable brokers to avoid:

  • Deceptive advertising and telephone marketing
  • Classic bait-and-switch tactics
  • Buying gold at a high markup nearly impossible to recoup costs
  • Buying gold based on confiscation scares

We invite you to browse through our online articles and resources to help alert you misconceptions and falsehoods, and the dangers of buying gold that is overpriced.

Investing in Gold Coins or Gold Bars

While it does not make much difference between purchasing gold coins or gold bars for Fresno investors as long as they buy gold bullion products, most investors prefer gold bullion coins over gold bars because they come in tubes that are easier to handle. A secondary reason gold coins are preferred is that they are produced by government mints.

We recommend to investors in Fresno who are purchasing gold coins to buy as close to the “spot price” as possible, such as:

  • 1-Oz. American Gold Eagles
  • Krugerrands
  • 1-Oz. gold bars
  • Perth Mint Kangaroo

We invite you to visit our online gold prices page to review current prices on the more popular gold coins and bars, as well as our gold specials page for buying at even lower premiums.

Why Should Fresno Investors Buy Gold Bullion from CMI?

As a trusted dealer among the oldest gold bullion and silver dealers in the nation, we have played a major role in introducing investors to the gold and silver markets.

We have a reputation for recommending only those precious metal investments that we believe will provide the biggest profits to our investors, not the ones that provide us the biggest profits.

These are a few additional reasons why Fresno investors should buy gold bullion from us:

  • A+ Better Business Bureau rating
  • Listed in the US mint as a trusted dealer of precious metals
  • Available customer access to live spot prices of precious metals
  • Official website provides great user experience and easy navigation
  • Crucial online information for owning gold & staying wealthy
  • We take the time to educate our investors

Visit us online, or call CMI Gold & Silver to speak with a broker about issues relating to gold.