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Why Should Virginia Beach, VA Investors Buy Silver Bullion Online from Us?

As the oldest bullion dealer in the nation, there are a number of compelling reasons for Virginia Beach VA investors to buy silver bullion online from us:
  • Listed in US Mint as trusted dealer of precious metals
  • Spot prices to buy silver available daily
  • Better Business Bureau A+ rating
  • Silver investing knowledge to meet your goals
Whether you are a first-time small investor posed to buy silver as an investment, as an inflation hedge, for survival purposes, or as a long-term investor with us that knows we are best place for investors to buy silver, we are here to help you learn the pros and cons of silver investing with us. Call our office today to learn why many investors are choosing to buy silver bars or silver coins online from us as a tangible asset!

.999 Silver Bullion Products – Silver Bars and Coins

We offer a wide range of .999 silver bullion products in the form of silver bars and silver coins that are readily accepted for resale and easy to convert to cash. If you are new to the precious metal market, buying silver bullion products for Virginia Beach investors is very practical and affordable for protection against a crisis, or to meet a financial need. The most popular form of investing in silver from us online is buying silver bars and silver coins. We offer a variety of popular .999 fine silver bullion products for Virginia Beach investors, such as:
  • 100-oz. silver bars – dominate silver investing market
  • Ten-oz. silver bars – easy to handle and store
  • One-oz. silver bars for great flexibility
  • One-oz. silver rounds
  • 1,000-oz. silver bars – recommended for IRA investments
Is silver a good investment for the future? While silver is a practical investment because it is affordable, can be purchased in small amounts, and also outperforms gold in bull markets, we recommend first studying our online page on buying silver as an investment.

Other Silver Investing Options – Individual & Bags of Silver Coins

As with most things in the market, what may be appealing as a silver investing option to one Virginia Beach investor may not to the best choice for others. With the knowledge that silver stock is recognized as a store of value with purchasing power that endures, we offer a variety of silver investing options popular for investment portfolios:
  • 1-Oz. American Silver Eagles
  • 1-Oz. Silver Royal Canadian Maple Leafs
  • 1-Oz. Perth Mint Kangaroos
  • 1-Oz. Austrian Mint Silver Philharmonics
  • 1-Oz. South African Krugerrands
As an investor, you may also find our 90% silver coins, commonly referred to as junk silver coins, to be of interest as your first silver investing choice in Virginia Beach because these coins pick up premiums in heavily investing markets. At times, the premiums can rise to extremely high levels. Call CMI Gold & Silver today for silver prices, or visit us online to review our silver price chart. 800-528-1380
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