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Why Should Oklahoma City, OK Investors Buy Silver Bullion Online from Us?

As silver prices rise, many investors interested in the silver market turn to us as the best place to buy silver bullion online. Not all gold and silver dealers are equal. The principals and brokers at CMI are committed to the hard money concept, and personally buy silver coins and bars while the company maintains a positive silver stock inventory of some $5-million dollars. These are a few reasons for Oklahoma City OK investors to buy silver online from us:
  • Strong commitment to precious metals since 1973
  • Ability to buy silver at spot prices
  • Listed in US Mint as trusted dealer of precious metals
Many investors are choosing to buy silver bars or coins online from us as protection against an inflation crisis, or as a tangible asset and portfolio diversification. Call our office today to learn the pros of silver investing with us, the oldest bullion dealer in the nation.

.999 Silver Bullion Products – Silver Bars and Coins

Including .999 silver bullion products; i.e., silver bars and coins, among your diversified assets in Oklahoma City is generally considered a safe harbor for silver investing during market instability. Dedicating both silver coins and bars has great appeal to buyers, with many investors buying .999 purity silver bullion bars with a mark or stamp identifying the producer because they are:
  • Uniform in size and easy to handle
  • Easily converted to cash
  • Easy to store in a small area
  • Retain higher liquidity than many other investments
  • A stabilizing asset compared to traditional stocks
An additional reason that investors In Oklahoma City are buying .999 silver bullion is that silver prices provide a highly achievable purchase for small investors. Call our office today if you are seeking an answer to the question of many investors; i.e., is silver a good investment for the future?

Other Silver Investing Options – Individual & Bags of Silver Coins

As a reliable and trustworthy dealer, we offer a variety of silver investing options for buyers in Oklahoma City. Some of our investors who find silver bars and coins most appealing tend to invest in:
  • 100-Oz. bars
  • Ten-Oz. silver bars
  • One-Oz. silver bars
  • One-Oz. silver rounds
And, although not bullion, we also offer individual coins and bags of silver coins commonly referred to as junk silver coins that can carry higher premiums than 100-oz. silver bars, depending on demand and availability. Investors in Oklahoma City with the ability to handle added bulk and weight of bags of 90% junk silver coins should consider making them their first silver investing choice because these coins pick up premiums in markets where the public is investing heavily in silver. Visit CMI Gold & Silver online to review our silver investing options, or call to seek advice from a trustworthy broker. 800-528-1380
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