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Why Should Jacksonville, FL Investors Buy Silver Bullion Online from Us?

We have made it easy for Jacksonville FL investors to buy silver online from us!

When you buy silver bars and silver coins from us, there is an assurance that we are working to bring you the biggest profits rather than working to bring us the biggest profits!

Whether your intent is to buy silver for investment purposes, as a hedge against long-term inflation, for survival purposes, or as a portfolio diversification, you will find that our silver bullion prices are nearly always the highest, and our sell prices rank among the lowest among all established dealers.

These are a few irrefutable reasons to buy silver bullion online from us:

  • We recommend silver investing to meet your goals
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Better Business Bureau A+ rating
  • Listed in the US Mint as a trusted dealer of precious metals
  • We offer a great online user experience

We invite you to study the information on our site that provides useful information about why we are the best place to buy silver!


.999 Silver Bullion Products – Silver Bars and Coins

With the silver investment market offering a variety of silver bullion products, we provide valuable information on this site that outlines the advantages and disadvantages of buying the most popular silver bullion and silver coins investments.

We offer a variety of popular .999 silver bullion products for Jacksonville investors, including:

  • 1,000-oz. silver bars recommended for IRA investments
  • 100-oz. silver bars – dominate the silver investing market
  • Ten-oz. silver bars – easy to handle
  • One-oz. silver bars – provide great flexibility
  • One-oz. silver rounds – preferred over one-oz. bars

Is silver a good investment for the future? A major advantage of silver investing is that silver bullion prices for Jacksonville investors make purchases of silver highly achievable and more affordable than gold, allowing investors to accumulate larger amounts of silver than gold, dollar for dollar.

Before investing in silver bullion products and silver coins, we recommend studying the information on our site to get all of your questions answered.


Other Silver Investing Options – Individual & Bags of Silver Coins

Among our popular silver investing options for Jacksonville investors are Silver Eagles and other best-selling silver coins.

These are a few silver investing coins that are growing in popularity:

  • 1-Oz. Silver Eagles – most popular government minted
  • 1-Oz. Silver Maple Leafs – distant second to Silver Eagles
  • 1-Oz. Perth Mint Kangaroos – easy to handle @ 250 coins/box
  • 1-Oz. Austrian Mint Silver Philharmonics
  • 1-Oz. South African Krugerrand

We also offer pre-1965 US 90% silver coins, also referred to as junk silver coins capable of becoming a strong investment choice.

Another silver investing choice for Jacksonville investors are 1-Oz. silver rounds that are very popular with silver investors.

Visit us online, or call CMI Gold & Silver to speak with a broker. 800-528-1380


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