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Tuesday, January 31st, 2023 MST

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A remarkable feat

Having sold gold and silver for more than 45 years, I’ve had the privilege of doing business with some remarkable people, whose names I’ve not mentioned, keeping their investment decisions private.  But, I have to note what a client did recently.

He rode his bicycle — alone — from San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL in 29 days.  On the 30th day, he flew home to Michigan.

David started by sending his bicycle in a special suitcase as “luggage” to the San Diego airport where he assembled his bike alongside the baggage carousel.  Shortly thereafter, he dipped his rear wheel in the Pacific Ocean and headed east.

With today’s technology, he posted comments and uploaded photos at the end of each day.  His postings can be found at

On day 29, he dipped his front wheel in the Atlantic Ocean; on day 30, he flew back to Michigan.

This feat was not just about his strength and endurance but was also about his ability to plan such an adventure.  Think of all the contingencies he had to allow for such as the dozens of flat tires that had to be repaired.  But, what astounded me was his ability to eat the right foods to sustain his energy.

David has been riding bikes since youth, and on his stop in Phoenix I asked him how long he had thought of making this trip.  “Since I was a teenager.”  So, he had a long time to plan this journey.  It also helped that he is an engineer.  See David’s postings here.

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