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Yearly Archives: 2023

10 Tips for Buying American Gold Bullion Online

You won’t believe this: the world of American gold is buzzing with opportunity right now! With the market ripe for investment, diving into American gold bullion online can be a thrilling and smart move. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a curious newbie, this guide will shine a light on the best ways to buy

Celebrating The Repeal of the Gold Reserve Act in 1974

Across the span of centuries, humanity has held gold in high esteem, considering it a metal worthy of worship, admiration, and currency exchange. In the intricate tapestry of gold’s history, its significant role has been woven into the history of the United States. One of the most significant moments was on December 31, 1974, when

How Do You Know if Coin Appraisers Are Ripping You Off?

Coins have (and continue to be) an easy-to-use and effective means of monetary exchange for thousands of years. Indeed, the first human coins appeared in the 7th century BCE as the Lydians’ electrum coins. These days, old coins are more than a relic of the past. They are highly valuable, to the point where you

Should You Buy a Bag of Silver Coins? Your Complete Guide

While people tend to think of gold and platinum as the most valuable materials out there, the title is actually taken by an unexpected third option: silver. Very few people know that silver is rarer than gold, but it’s true. Silver also has a lot of industrial uses in manufacturing, automotive, consumer electronics, and fashion

50 Years in Review

In the Beginning… We Were There  A 50-year review by Bill Haynes – Owner of CMI Gold & Silver In 1973, when I was recruited to open CMI Gold & Silver, Inc., I was a stockbroker in Denver, Colorado.  At the time there was a horrible bear in stocks–so bad I dreaded clients calling to

Silver Coin Values: Everything You Need to Know

Silver is a versatile natural material used in everything from jewelry to mirrors, electronics, solar technology, and coins. In October 2023, the current price of silver is $21.38 per troy ounce. Although silver has decreased in value recently, the latest long-term forecasts predict that its price will increase to $24.52 by the end of 2023.

10 Tips for How to Buy Gold Bars and Store Them Properly

The US may have gone off the gold standard in 1971, but that didn’t change how valuable gold is to our economy. These days, the US still has the world’s largest gold reserve-almost as much as the next three countries combined. Gold continues to be the best long-term investment out there for how well it retains its

All the Best Buying Tips for Silver and Gold Buyers

People are increasingly citing gold as the best long-term investment for their portfolios. Recent polls show that those who consider gold the #1 long-term investment have risen by 11% between 2022 and 2023. Today, 26% of investors name gold as their go-to. Silver’s doing pretty well, too. Silver and gold buyers love it because of

Gold Scams on the Rise: Beware of IRA Gold Scams and Shady Marketing Tactics

In an age of economic uncertainty, many individuals seek refuge in valuable precious metals like gold bullion, a historically conservative and trusted investment for financial security. Buying gold or silver bullion is a popular way for U.S. citizens to invest in well-recognized assets of high value that offer a hedge fund against inflation and serve