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2010 Silver News released

The Silver Institute is an invaluable source of information about silver, from supply/demand statistics to recent, esoteric developments that may affect future demand.  Serious silver investors can do themselves a favor by regularly visiting the site.

Additionally, The Silver Institute publishes on its site a free quarterly publication aptly titled Silver News.  To receive an email when the latest Silver News has been posted, sign up here.  You will also receive notifications of Silver Institute press releases, which should be of interest to all silver investors.  Between notifications of Silver News publications and press releases, you may receive ten emails a year.

Nanosilver particles

The First Quarter 2010 Silver News has a fascinating article about nanosilver particles possibly being used to overcome blood platelet disorders.  When the human body sustains a wound, blood platelets clot to help heal the injury.  That, obviously, is good.  However, when clotting is triggered not to close an open wound but by a disorder, that’s bad.

Millions of people take anti-coagulants to keep their blood flowing through their arteries.  According to the article, tests show that nanosilver particles significantly inhibit clumping or coagulation in hyperactive platelets obtained from patients having diseases that generate hyperactive platelets.  Test also showed that nanosilver also significantly reduces adhesion of platelets to vessel walls and subsequent clogging of the vascular system.

If further testing and trials prove nanosilver particles to be viable alternatives to blood thinners, this could be huge, not only for people suffering from blood disorders but also for the silver market.   But, even if tests and trials support the use of nanosilver in this area, governmental approval could be a while coming.  Not only would FDA approval be needed, but the EPA also claims jurisdiction when it comes to nanosilver.  The second article in the 2010 Silver News discusses the EPA’s position on nanosilver.

Miniaturized devices

Today’s technological advances absolutely boggle the mind, and many involve silver.  For example, the same research team that 20 years ago developed long-lasting batteries for pacemakers is studying the use of silver particles to improve lithium/silver vanadium oxide batteries that are used in current pacemakers.  The batteries are 15,000 times more conductive upon initial use and could be used in other biomedical devices to treat stroke, migraines or Alzheimer’s disease.

According to Ester Takeuchi, Ph.D., developer of the lithium/silver vanadium oxide battery and holder of more than 140 patents, “We may be heading toward a time when we can make batteries so tiny that they – and the devices they power – can simply be injected into the body.”

Silver in cell phone cases

Also according to Silver News, Seal Shield, developer of dishwasher-safe computer keyboards, mice and TV remote controls, has introduced a cell phone with antimicrobial silver embedded in the case.  An antibacterial case for cell phones is certainly needed if researchers at the University of Arizona are correct.  They say cell phones carry 25,000 germs per square inch, or 500 times more bacteria than the average toilet.   Just to make their cell phones still more sanitary for users, Seal Shield’s new phone is dishwasher safe.

Read also about combat gloves that are growing in popularity with soldiers in Afghanistan.  The gloves not only functions as gloves should in keeping hands warm and dry, but the gloves are odor free because of silver-induced antimicrobial properties.  Gloves that are worn for hours at a time gather bacteria that emit foul odors.  Silver’s antibacterial properties solve that problem.

Finally, as if the above described technology is not enough, scientists in Germany and Switzerland are working on inserting silver ions into artificial DNA molecules.  The result, hopefully, will be original size DNA structure with a rigid frame that can be used without risk of structural failure in sub-miniaturized electronic devices.

2 Responses to “2010 Silver News released”

  1. Theo ted

    Is it not amazing that our Creators(“Let us…our image”), laid claim to silver and gold – Haggai 2:8.They evidently knew what that stuff was all about back when we were making all kinds of quasi Gods from it. We were so inibriated with our navels we silvered them. Finally we are cluing up just in time to meet the real value of that metal. The family pet survived a fever solely from silvered water after all other anti biotics failed. As we persist in saturating this planet with our race, the need for silver antibiotics will, as I see it, become an absolute necessity. Thankyou.

  2. Theo ted

    If you love your pets keep silver water,wormwood and activated charcoal on hand. If you suspect poisoning apply immediately the activated charcoal(as soon as possible),a good dose, a half hour later( give the charcoal time to work)the pet may throw up at this stage – which is good- then make a brew out of organic wormwood (wild) you will have to use an appropriate container to bi pass the tongue- the stuff is bitter. Lastly a small amount of silver water if there is a fever. A hot nose will prevail to indicate that. All depends how soon you get it. Don’t give up. It took me 3 months, but caught it when the Vet said it was too late. Pet is completely healthy. Silver water took away the fever. The charcoal neutralized the poison. The wormwood cleaned out the kidneys. The vet said it was terminal. Two years have lapsed since. I thank the great Yah for making silver-its good for sooo much. Thankyou


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