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Yearly Archives: 2008

Bill Haynes interviewed by Eric King

I was interviewed by Eric King for Jim Puplava’s Financial Sense podcast for October 25, 2008.  Because the demands of record business, I failed to mention the podcast, which was favorably received by listeners to this highly successful investor forum.  Here is another link to the podcast (just in case the first link doesn’t work

The government’s role in the housing crisis

The Austrian School is probably best known for its condemnation of government intervention in the marketplace.  Interest rates, for example, should be determined by the supply of money available to be lent and the number of qualified persons seeking to borrow.  But, no, what do we have: Government rules and regulations that require lenders to have loan

Gold Krugerrands vs. Gold Eagles

With the sharp drop in the price of gold, Krugerrands are scarce because few investors are willing to sell. Further, for a while the U.S. Mint was not able to supply enough 1-oz Gold Eagles. So, a major wholesaler began importing, for the first time in decades, new Krugerrands. Yes, 2008-dated Krugerrands are for sale.

The sad history of paper money

The sad history of paper money is that it is printed until it is worthless.  This is to say that whenever paper currencies are de-linked from gold or silver (made no longer redeemable in gold or silver), politicians print those currencies until they are worthless. The most infamous destruction of a paper currency occurred in

Fannie Mae/Freddy Mac crisis fillips interest in gold/silver

For some investors, and apparently for the media and for Congress, judging their coverage and comments, the looming failures of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac were surprises. To other investors, however, the lid was simply pulled off a barrel of rotten apples. For years, the head of Fanny Mae has bragged about lending money to

Owning and storing gold

My advice on owning and storing gold: buy the physical gold and store it yourself. The form of the gold, be it Krugerrands, American Gold Eagles or gold bars, is not as important as taking physical possession. CMIGS does not hold or store gold for its clients—we ship it to them—and we strongly warn against

Not a slow summer for gold and silver

Ordinarily, the summer is a slow period for the gold and silver markets. Additionally, the summer is normally a period of low prices for gold and silver, and that is the case this summer. Both metals’ prices are significantly below what they were in March when gold topped $1,000 and silver $21. But, this is

Internet impacting gold-silver bull market

The breadth and scope of a bull market depends on the number of people following the market and able to participate. The more people following the market and able to participate, the greater the potential of the market to reach unbelievable heights, as did the great gold-silver bull market of the 1970s, which climaxed January

Dump the Fed, return to the gold standard

Among gold and silver investors there is a common cry to get rid of the Fed and return to the gold standard. However, with the Establishment having controlled our schools and universities for decades, the masses are duped into believing that the money and banking are much too complicated to be understood by anyone but