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Yearly Archives: 2007

Swiss to sell 250 tons of gold

The Swiss National Bank, Switzerland’s central bank, just announced plans to sell 250 metric tons of gold over the next two years. The gold market reacted with a yawn, actually posting higher prices as the news spread, and appropriately so. The sales will be within the Central Bank Gold Agreement, which limits sales by fifteen

European Central Bank discloses gold sales

Friday the European Central Bank (ECB) announced that it had sold 37 tons of gold and that together with the sales of 23 tons completed in November 2006 it had sold 60 tons this year. Sixty tons (1,929,060 toz) is a lot of gold, and the sales, undoubtedly, had a lot to do with some

Sennholz says money is flooding the world markets

Many people eschew any opportunity to understand money and economics, thinking them arcane subjects or even impossible to grasp. Luckily, we have a number of economists who write in a manner that makes money and economics understandable. Hans Sennholz is one of them. Hans Sennholz was Professor of Economics and Chairman of the Department of

James Turk questions silver ETF

James Turk, founder and chairman of and co-author of The Coming Collapse of the Dollar, in a recent editorial questioned the integrity of iShares Silver Trust, the largest silver exchange traded fund (ETF). Turk makes a lengthy analysis that should be read by any silver investor considering a large investment in iShares. Cmigs, a

GFMS’ World Silver Survey for 2007 released

Gold Fields Mineral Services has released its World Silver Survey for 2007, and has posted a review. The report is quite bullish, which should come as no surprise to anyone who is following the silver market. Meanwhile, also has reviewed the survey. Of interest to silver investors is Jason Hommel’s comment: “If the

JM Platinum (and Palladium) Review released

CMIGS rarely recommends palladium and platinum because they are not monetary metals. Still, we they are precious metals, which is what CMIGS buys and sells. The best source of information on palladium (and platinum) is Johnson Matthey, which boasts of being “the world’s leading authority on the production, supply and use of platinum and palladium.”

Congress set to control federal spending

As it is when a country is at war, other important matters go unnoticed. This is certainly true when it comes our federal government’s finances. Congress just passed a $2.9 trillion dollar budget plan for the fiscal year starting October 1, 2007. The bill is a blueprint for Congress to follow this year as it

CPM Group bullish on silver has released an article reviewing what appears to be CPM Group’s Annual Silver Survey. We say “appears to be” because the article only calls the CPM work a “report.” Looking at the nature of the CPM observations about silver and the silver market, and the fact that it is May when CPM Group usually

Gold and silver post record monthly-average prices

For months the precious metals markets have shown strength in the face of continued bear raids by the large commercial traders seeking their $40-$50 price swings. Recent comments by John Williams’ Shadow Government Statistics reveal just how strong gold and silver really are. According the Williams, the monthly-average gold price hit an all-time high of

Stalled gold

Central bank sales are again getting the blame for gold’s failure to climb higher, and perhaps rightfully so. Central banks have unloaded in the last few weeks, but Jon Nones, writing for, says that increased central bank gold sales are no reason for concern. As Nones points out, central bank gold sales are they