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Yearly Archives: 2007

Silver tidbits

Jessica Cross, commodities analyst at VM Group, said had some interesting things about silver in an interview. published a printed version of the interview. Much of what Cross said is known to many silver investors. Still, her comments should be interesting to silver investors. One paragraph from the interview: For example silver is used

Reuters poll has silver outperforming gold

A Reuters poll has silver outperforming gold through 2008. I see no problem with that forecast. Historically, silver has always outperformed gold in precious metals bull market; therefore, in any prediction over eighteen months you can expect silver to turn in a bigger percentage gain than gold. The Reuters poll forecasted gold to average $681

Silver News tidbits

The second quarter Silver News, a Silver Institute quarterly report covering recent and on-going developments in silver, is interesting reading and yields some tasty morsels for silver investors. Here are a few: 2006 was the fifth consecutive year that industrial applications posted a gain in total silver demand. Total industrial demand exceeded in 2006, for

The Plunge Protection Team at work

For many years, gold enthusiasts have known about the shenanigans of the Plunge Protection Team (PPT) in the gold market. Now, Eric Englund, in an article on, discusses the PPT’s handiwork in the stock market, via a manipulation of the Dow Jones Industrial Average through purchases of General Motors stock. A few interesting notes

Newmont Mining to eliminate gold hedge book

Newmont was a longtime darling of “pure gold” stock investors, having eschewed the hedging and the forward sales that its rival Barrick Gold so often bragged about. However, in 2002 a three-way merger brought Newmont a hedge book and the supposed genius who formulated it. Whereas prior to the merger Newmont boasted of being a

LCs actions confusing

It was only June 26 that I reported on the large commercials (LCs) dumping their long positions in the dollar. Such a move can generally can be construed as negative for the dollar and positive for gold and silver as the LCs are considered the best informed (not to mention best connected) traders around. If

Housing bond market set to collapse?

Investors following the housing and the bond markets will find Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s “Banks set to call in a swathe of loans” an interesting, if not frightening, read. “The fast-moving crisis at two Bear Stearns hedge funds,” the article notes, “exposed the underlying rot in the US sub-prime mortgage market, and the vast nexus of collateralised

LCs reduce long dollar position

When I woke to lower metal prices this morning, I was somewhat taken aback. I had just read Gene Arensberg’s report on the huge reduction in the large commercials’ long position in the dollar. The LCs, who had been bullish on the dollar, reversed course last week. As Arensberg notes, the LCS are thought to

Lunar Series closing date extended

Three months ago, CMIGS posted an article about The Perth Mint’s plans to close its Lunar Series. At that time, final orders for the Series were to be taken the last week in June. Now, final orders will be taken the last week in August. The extension came about because the Treasury took longer than

Swiss gold sales get more press

The Swiss National Bank announcement that it will be selling 250 tons of gold over the next two years continues to get a lot of press. However, the gold market is treating the news with disdain. Overnight in the Asian markets, gold rose to its highest levels in more than a week with gold hitting