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Monthly Archives: September 2007

The dollar below 79 on the US$ Index

For years, analysts said that if the dollar dropped below 79 on the US$ Index it could spiral downward in a precipitous drop. Well, the dollar is trading below 79 and fears of a big dollar decline are starting to spread. And, rightfully so. The dollar is in serious trouble because of decades of deficit

Spain’s central bank concludes gold sales

Having concluded the sale of 150 tons of gold this year under the Central Bank Gold Agreement (CBGA), the Bank of Spain (Spain’s central bank) announced that it “plans no more significant gold sales in 2007.” Spain has been the big seller under the CBGA this year, selling 150 tons in calendar 2007 but 165

Gold, back in vogue

With gold making a strong move above $700, there is not shortage of articles about it. Thursday, posted three articles after the release of GFMS’ first update of it 2007 Gold Survey. Gold could rally through $800/ounce notes GFMS’ chief analyst Paul Walker’s bullish outlook on gold. “. . . a gold price over

Gold coin buyers beware

A man with whom we have not done business called early this morning. He said he found us on the Internet, doing a search because a dealer from whom he bought coins last year would not return his calls. His story is sad and similar to other stores we often hear. He said that in

More government intervention

One of the tenants of Austrian Economic Theory is non-intervention in the marketplace. However, this concept is lost on economists who think that they know better than the marketplace when it comes to what the marketplace wants. The mortgage market is one such market where the interventionists delight in manipulation. Now, the President himself has

More on the dangers of central banking

Most investors buy gold because of what the Federal Reserve System, the Fed in today’s lingo, does, which is inflate the money supply with paper money. Sadly, the history of paper money, when not linked to gold or silver, is printed until it is worthless. Yet the average college graduate, and even the nongraduate who