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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Silver News tidbits

The second quarter Silver News, a Silver Institute quarterly report covering recent and on-going developments in silver, is interesting reading and yields some tasty morsels for silver investors. Here are a few: 2006 was the fifth consecutive year that industrial applications posted a gain in total silver demand. Total industrial demand exceeded in 2006, for

The Plunge Protection Team at work

For many years, gold enthusiasts have known about the shenanigans of the Plunge Protection Team (PPT) in the gold market. Now, Eric Englund, in an article on, discusses the PPT’s handiwork in the stock market, via a manipulation of the Dow Jones Industrial Average through purchases of General Motors stock. A few interesting notes

Newmont Mining to eliminate gold hedge book

Newmont was a longtime darling of “pure gold” stock investors, having eschewed the hedging and the forward sales that its rival Barrick Gold so often bragged about. However, in 2002 a three-way merger brought Newmont a hedge book and the supposed genius who formulated it. Whereas prior to the merger Newmont boasted of being a

LCs actions confusing

It was only June 26 that I reported on the large commercials (LCs) dumping their long positions in the dollar. Such a move can generally can be construed as negative for the dollar and positive for gold and silver as the LCs are considered the best informed (not to mention best connected) traders around. If