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Monthly Archives: June 2007

LCs reduce long dollar position

When I woke to lower metal prices this morning, I was somewhat taken aback. I had just read Gene Arensberg’s report on the huge reduction in the large commercials’ long position in the dollar. The LCs, who had been bullish on the dollar, reversed course last week. As Arensberg notes, the LCS are thought to

Lunar Series closing date extended

Three months ago, CMIGS posted an article about The Perth Mint’s plans to close its Lunar Series. At that time, final orders for the Series were to be taken the last week in June. Now, final orders will be taken the last week in August. The extension came about because the Treasury took longer than

Swiss gold sales get more press

The Swiss National Bank announcement that it will be selling 250 tons of gold over the next two years continues to get a lot of press. However, the gold market is treating the news with disdain. Overnight in the Asian markets, gold rose to its highest levels in more than a week with gold hitting

Swiss to sell 250 tons of gold

The Swiss National Bank, Switzerland’s central bank, just announced plans to sell 250 metric tons of gold over the next two years. The gold market reacted with a yawn, actually posting higher prices as the news spread, and appropriately so. The sales will be within the Central Bank Gold Agreement, which limits sales by fifteen

European Central Bank discloses gold sales

Friday the European Central Bank (ECB) announced that it had sold 37 tons of gold and that together with the sales of 23 tons completed in November 2006 it had sold 60 tons this year. Sixty tons (1,929,060 toz) is a lot of gold, and the sales, undoubtedly, had a lot to do with some

Sennholz says money is flooding the world markets

Many people eschew any opportunity to understand money and economics, thinking them arcane subjects or even impossible to grasp. Luckily, we have a number of economists who write in a manner that makes money and economics understandable. Hans Sennholz is one of them. Hans Sennholz was Professor of Economics and Chairman of the Department of