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Gold Specials

The items on this page are offered at below market prices because they are small quantities or are products that we do not offer in our normal course of business.

However, sometimes our specials pages offer standard bullion products for which there is a temporary excess supply in the market.

If you want to know more about these specials, call 800-528-1380. We take calls 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Mondays through Fridays.

US Mint Proof Gold Eagles

Starting in 1986 with the first year of the bullion Eagles program, the US Mint has also struck collector edition "Proof" coins of the various issues. Proofs are made by starting with specially polished planchets, which are struck twice on medallic presses in a dust-free room, imparting a mirror finish to the coin's background and a 'cameo' contrast to the design features.

3 Proof Gold Eagles dated 1986 in pristine condition, but without mint packaging or certificate. Package lot of 3 coins (3 ounces). $25 S&H.

spot + 4.5%

US Mint Proof Buffalo Gold Coins dated 2010

In 2006 the US Mint introduced its first .9999 pure gold coin, the gold Buffalo. Hundreds of thousands of the bullion version of this coin have been sold since then. The Mint also struck for collectors some exquisite proof versions of the Buffalo, each with mirror finish and a cameo contrast.

6 (six) 2010 dated Proof Buffalo coins available in the wooden box with certificate. $25 S&H. Outer mint packaging included--stock photo used.

spot + 6%

10 Peso gold coin from Mexico

National Mint coin from Mexico containing .2411 agw of 22 Karat gold. Official Government restrike occurred in 1959. The coin has Father Miguel Hidalgo on the front and an eagle perched on a cactus on the reverse.

One lot available of 21 coins (5.063 troy oz. agw). Stock photo.

spot + 3%

Mexico’s 5 Peso gold coin

Mexican 5 Peso gold coin containing .1205 troy oz. Father Miguel Hidalgo appears on the front of this coin just like the 10 Peso coin. The reverse is also similiar to the 10 Peso with an eagle perched on a cactus. Official government restrike date is 1955.

One lot of 26 coins available (3.133 troy oz. agw) - Stock photo of various Mexican Peso coins.

spot + 3.5%

Mexican 2 Peso gold coins

Mexico gold two peso coins are one of the smallest gold coins ever struck, about 2/3 the size of a dime. They are .900 fine gold, weigh 1.66 grams, and contain .0482 ounces of pure gold - exactly the same gold content as the US gold dollars struck from 1849-1889. The Mexico City Mint, North America's oldest continually operating mint, produced these coins sporadically during the mid-20th Century.

One lot available (58 coins with 2.796 troy oz. AGW) - $25 S&H

spot + 4%

Mexican 20 Peso gold coins

Starting in 1917, the oldest mint in North America, the Mexico City Mint, struck gold twenty-peso coins of .900 fine gold, containing .4823 ounces of pure gold each. These handsome coins portray the Aztec calendar on the reverse, and the iconic Mexican Eagle on a cactus on the obverse.

One lot of 10 coins of the 20-peso gold coin for a total of 4.823 AGW - $20 S&H - Stock photo

spot + 2.5%

Kilo Gold Bar

Older Johnson Matthey Kilo Gold Bar .999 fine (32.15 AGW)


$5.00 over spot

Degussa Brand 100 gram Gold Bar .9999 fine.

Degussa Brand 100 gram Gold Bar .9999 fine.

1 bar only available - $25 S&H - Stock photo used

spot + 1%

French 20 Franc gold coins

French 20 Franc with Rooster design. Coin contains .1867 AGW.

Limited quantity available - 15 coin minimum - $25 S&H on orders less than 10 ounces - stock photo

spot + $13.00 per coin

Netherland 10 Guilder gold coin

The Netherlands struck gold coins of 10 Guilder denomination beginning in the latter part of the 1800s under King Willem, and again from 1911 through 1933 under the rule of Queen Wilhelmina. Each coin is 90% gold, and contains .1947 troy ounce of pure gold. We have one lot of thirty-nine coins, some Kings, some Queens, all in extra fine and better condition.

Limited quantity available - $25 S&H - stock photo

$10.00 over the actual gold value per coin

Maple Leaf gold coins

Royal Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins .999 fine in good condition. Older coins of .999 purity. Various dates.

Limited quantity available - $25 S&H for orders less than 10 total ounces - Stock photo.

spot + 2.5%

$20 Liberty Old U.S. Gold Coins

XF - AU grade $20 Liberty Old U.S. Gold Coins (.9675 AGW)

3 coin minimum - $30 S&H on orders less than 10 coins

6% over spot

1 oz. Gold Bar by Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse refiner 1 oz. gold bars .9999 fine.

Limited quantity available - 3 ounce minimum - $25 S&H

spot + $21.00/oz.

PAMP 1 oz. gold pendant .9999 fine

PAMP brand 1oz. gold piece formed as a quadrangle pendant. Reverse side has holographic image of a city.

1 only available - $30 S&H

Spot + 3%

PROOF 69 Deep Cameo Gold Eagles

1-oz 1995-W PROOF 69 Deep Cameo American Gold Eagles - U.S. Mint Director Signature Series

No minimum - $30 S&H on orders less than 10 coins

$130.00 over spot