Monday, February 27th, 2017 MST

Gold Specials

The items on this page are offered at below market prices because they are small quantities or are products that we do not offer in our normal course of business.

However, sometimes our specials pages offer standard bullion products for which there is a temporary excess supply in the market.

If you want to know more about these specials, call 800-528-1380. We take calls 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Mondays through Fridays.

$10 Liberty

AU (About Uncirculated) condtion coins. Old U.S. gold $10 Liberty design.

Limited quantity available - no minimum - $30 S&H



1 ounce Gold Philharmonic (random years)

Limited quantity available - some Euro and some Shilling denomination - Stock photo

Spot + $35/oz.

Mexican 50 Peso Gold

Mexican 50 Peso Gold Coins (1.2057 AGW)

Random year - 3 oz. minimum - $30 S&H - Stock photo

Spot + $19/oz.

Valcambi 1 oz. gold bars

Valcambi brand 1 oz. gold bars in assay holder .9999 fine.

Limited quantity available - 3 ounce minimum purchase - $30 S&H

spot + $18/oz.

Gold Maple Leaf coins .9999 fine

Scratched 1-oz Gold Maple Leafs (.9999 fine)

Package Deal of 5 coins, all .9999 fine, significant scratches on 4 coins, 1 coin in great condition with small rim dent. Stock photo. $30 S&H

spot + 2.25%

Kilo Gold Bar

Engelhard Kilo Gold Bar (.9999 fine)


1% over spot

Gold Krugerrand

1-oz South African Gold Krugerrand (random year)


$34.00 over spot

Gold Bars 1 oz.

Known refiner gold bars .9999 fine 1 oz. in assay holders from Valcambi and Republic Metals Corp.

Package deal of 4 bars for 4.0 ounces total - $30 S&H - Stock photo - 2 Valcambi and pictured and 2 RMC as pictured.

spot + $16/oz.

Mexican Onza 1 oz. gold coins

The Mexican gold Onza series was a popular bullion choice in the early 1980s. These 1981 dated, 22 karat coins were struck at the Mexico City Mint in sizes 1-ounce, half-, quarter-, tenth-, and twentieth-ounce. We have a small quantity of the 1-ounce gold Onzas.

Limited quantity available - 3 oz. minimum purchase - $30 S&H

Spot + 2.5%

$20 Saint-Gaudens

$20 Saint-Gaudens XF (Extra Fine) per industry standards

Limited quantity available - No mimium - $25 S&H on orders less than 10 ounces - Price below per coin


Austrian 4 Ducat gold coin

One of Austria's national mint coins, the 4 Ducat is almost 24K gold and contains .4430 troy ounce. Franz Joseph I is depicted on the front of this coin and Austria's Coat of Arms on the reverse.

Limited quantity available - 3 ounce minimum purchase - Coins in average circulated condition - $30 S&H on orders less than 10 total ounces.

Spot gold!

100 gram gold bar

PAMP Brand 100 gram Gold Bar .9999 fine.

1 only available - Biscuit style without certificated - $30 S&H - Stock photo used

spot + $15/oz.

British Sovereigns

British sovereigns were the standard gold coin for much of the world in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This powerful gold symbol of England's reign over it's empire. Each coin is .2354 troy oz. and consists of Saint George, mounted on a horse, slaying a dragon. The date is at the base of the coin.

15 Coin minimum- $25 S&H on orders less than 40 coins

spot + 5%

1 oz. Gold Bar Package

1 oz. gold bars .9999 fine

Package lot of 6 -1 oz. bars produced by the Perth Mint for eBay. $30 S&H

spot + $12/oz.

Swiss 20 Francs

Swiss 20 Francs Gold Coin (.1867 AGW)

15 coin minimum - $25 S&H on orders less than 10 ounces

4% over spot

French 20 Francs

French 20 Francs Gold Coin (.1867 AGW) Rooster design

15 coin minimum - $25 S&H on orders less than 10 ounces

4% over spot