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Perth Mint Lunar Series Mintages

The Perth Mint Lunar Series for the years 1996 – 2007 is closed and the mintages for the Series are posted below.

Although CMI Gold & Silver is a bullion dealer and believes that bullion investments are best for most investors, CMIGS recommended the one-ounce Gold Lunar Series coins when they were available at bullion coin prices.  Consequently, CMIGS often has the 1-oz Gold Lunar Series coins available.

Although the Perth Mint produced fractional-ounce Lunar Coins, they are difficult to find and often carry big premiums.

If you are interested in any Lunar Series coins, call us at 1-800-528-1380.

1996-2007 Australian Lunar Gold Bullion Coin Series

1996 Mouse1997 Ox1998 Tiger1999 Rabbit2000 Dragon2001 Snake2002 Horse2003 Goat2004 Monkey2005 Rooster2006 Dog2007 Pig
1 KiloN/AN/AN/AN/A227156163109195230137114
10 ozN/AN/AN/AN/A214153191153265240195192
2 ozN/AN/AN/AN/A2,3421,2951,2911,3551,4702,1292,4603,613
1 oz16,59313,70916,90718,26130,00030,00030,00016,77516,86819,72926,33418,149
1/2 ozN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A4,2284,5065,7677,694
1/4 oz1,3902,9045,6835,89320,1488,43610,1878,4797,2846,4506,0096,486
1/10 oz3,7924,9609,0858,79923,70619,28118,43414,96614,06015,10912,01711,216
1/20 oz7,4057,13110,4279,64229,32519,73827,33817,89215,89818,22015,73710,308

Note: N/A means not minted that year

1999-2010 Australian Lunar Silver Bullion Coin Series

1999 Rabbit2000 Dragon2001 Snake2002 Horse2003 Goat2004 Monkey2005 Rooster2006 Dog2007 Pig2008 Mouse2009 Ox2010 Tiger
10 KiloN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A78105N/AN/AN/A
1 Kilo1,9837,8053,0134,3386,9315,0953,8184,1454,8383,3341,8771,888
1/2 KiloN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A1,2871,307785962N/AN/AN/A
10 oz2,4867,9263,9625,5376,9743,7352,7752,8133,061N/AN/AN/A
5 ozN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A3,5925,5855,0803,229N/AN/AN/A
2 oz12,86929,11014,06219,35920,46618,12416,29217,10614,1807,2216,4656,520
1 oz63,644118,69771,30199,632102,164105,68092,69198,82587,00959,62352,26756,077
1/2 oz16,91352,95630,90442,82451,77652,79237,99439,36132,495N/AN/AN/A

Note: N/A means not minted that year

For more information about The Perth Mint Lunar Series, visit This site provides details about the Silver Lunar Series Coins in addition to the Gold Lunar Series Coins. CMI Gold & Silver sells the Silver Lunar Coins, but does not advertise such on this site because the Silver Lunar Series Coins are collectible coins with high premiums.