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Not a slow summer for gold and silver

Ordinarily, the summer is a slow period for the gold and silver markets. Additionally, the summer is normally a period of low prices for gold and silver, and that is the case this summer. Both metals’ prices are significantly below what they were in March when gold topped $1,000 and silver $21. But, this is

Internet impacting gold-silver bull market

The breadth and scope of a bull market depends on the number of people following the market and able to participate. The more people following the market and able to participate, the greater the potential of the market to reach unbelievable heights, as did the great gold-silver bull market of the 1970s, which climaxed January

Seasonal low gold/silver buying opportunity

Yesterday, gold fell $26.70 in the cash market for a 3% decline. Silver suffered a 3.35% fall. The declines added to gold’s and silver’s losses since the middle of March, when they hit decades-high prices. (Actually, gold hit a record high, but silver is still far short of its 1980 high of $50.) Gold’s mid-March

A $1000 “no confidence” vote

“A soaring gold price is a vote of ‘no confidence’ in the central bank and the dollar. This certainly was the case in 1979 and 1980. Today, gold prices reflect a growing restlessness with the increasing money supply, our budgetary and trade deficits, our unfunded liabilities, and the inability of Congress and the administration to

Kitco precious metals prices changes notice, which is renown among gold and silver investors for feeding to the Internet precious metals spot prices, recently posted this notice on its site: Metal price changes are now based on closing prices at 5:15 PM NY time Mon-Fri. The notice has caused some confusion on the part of many precious metals investors and

U.S. Mint to produce more 2007 Silver Eagles

Last week premiums on Silver Eagles jumped as word spread that the U.S. Mint had run out and would ship no more this year. However, at the start of this week, the Mint revealed that it would produce more Silver Eagles before year-end. The Mint gave no indication of how many Silver Eagles will be

Is the short-term drop over?

Gene Arensberg, in his Sunday Nov. 11 Got Gold Report for, asked: “Why didn’t gold sell off?” If the Got Gold Report had been scheduled one day later, Arensberg wouldn’t have asked the question because gold and silver suffered big setbacks Monday, which was Veterans’ Day, with further drops Tuesday. Today, however, gold and

Canadian securities firm sees strong metals prices

“Support for gold as an investment continues to gain momentum, with an increasing number of announcements of purchases by non-Western governments,” says analysts for Canada’s Haywood Securities. The analysts expect world gold production to decline this year while EFT gold-holdings could top 21 million ounces. As for silver, the analysts expect that a “positive mix

Reuters poll has silver outperforming gold

A Reuters poll has silver outperforming gold through 2008. I see no problem with that forecast. Historically, silver has always outperformed gold in precious metals bull market; therefore, in any prediction over eighteen months you can expect silver to turn in a bigger percentage gain than gold. The Reuters poll forecasted gold to average $681

Newmont Mining to eliminate gold hedge book

Newmont was a longtime darling of “pure gold” stock investors, having eschewed the hedging and the forward sales that its rival Barrick Gold so often bragged about. However, in 2002 a three-way merger brought Newmont a hedge book and the supposed genius who formulated it. Whereas prior to the merger Newmont boasted of being a

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