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U.S. Mint again selling Silver Eagles

Late last week, the U.S. Mint notified its distributors that it will again take orders for its American Silver Eagle bullion coins on April 21, 2008. Interestingly, the Mint further said that it will be allocating coins to its distributors because of “the unprecedented demand for American Silver Eagle Bullion Coins.” At first it may

Silver Eagles update

As noted on the Silver Eagles page on the cmigs website, the U.S. Mint is not now producing Silver Eagles. One of the consequences of the Mint not disclosing why it had stopped turning out its popular 1-oz silver coins was widespread speculation that the Mint was discontinuing its Silver Eagles program due to a

Observations about silver

John Lee of posted some observations about the silver market that should be of interest to silver investors, despite Lee’s website being dedicated to commodities traders, not investors. I will comment on some of Lee’s observations, but time does not permit me to comment on all of them. Lee started by noting that in

Silver in surplus? Does it matter?

Yesterday, when we emailed the’s article Silver supply seen as in surplus to our Articles of Interest list, I suspected we’d get comments from investors who objected to our “spreading negative information about silver.” Right I was. The article was a summary of the second issue of The Silver Book, which was compiled by

$900 gold in 2008? has posted an interview with Jessica Cross, CEO of Virtual Metals, who says “we’re going to be very surprised if we don’t see $900 an ounce in 2008.” Obviously, $900 gold within twelve months would be another major move. If we do see $900 in 2008, then we have to be ready to accept,

Silver to break to the upside?

A client who trades commodities puts a lot of faith in triangle patterns. In a recent email to me and other friends, he posted the above 13-year graph of silver. His comments: If a person does not know something is possible, it is hard or impossible to take advantage of important possibilities. A prepared mind

Which to buy, gold or silver?

Investors new to precious metals often ask which is better, gold or silver. Although not a difficult topic, discussing the matter can be long and convoluted. This blog post is not intended to cover all aspects of the topic but will lay out some considerations for investors when deciding which metal to go with. What

Silver tidbits

Jessica Cross, commodities analyst at VM Group, said had some interesting things about silver in an interview. published a printed version of the interview. Much of what Cross said is known to many silver investors. Still, her comments should be interesting to silver investors. One paragraph from the interview: For example silver is used

Silver News tidbits

The second quarter Silver News, a Silver Institute quarterly report covering recent and on-going developments in silver, is interesting reading and yields some tasty morsels for silver investors. Here are a few: 2006 was the fifth consecutive year that industrial applications posted a gain in total silver demand. Total industrial demand exceeded in 2006, for

GFMS’ World Silver Survey for 2007 released

Gold Fields Mineral Services has released its World Silver Survey for 2007, and has posted a review. The report is quite bullish, which should come as no surprise to anyone who is following the silver market. Meanwhile, also has reviewed the survey. Of interest to silver investors is Jason Hommel’s comment: “If the

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