Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 MST

Market expectations

At CMI Gold & Silver Inc. we believe that central bank activity is driving the markets — the metals and the stocks. Expectations of loose money mean higher metals prices (in anticipation of increased rates of inflation) and higher stock prices (in hopes that the stimulus will fillip the economy).

As for the latter, there is solid analysis that interest rate manipulations and fiscal spending fail to stimulate economic activity. Still, bureaucrats continue such efforts under the misguided belief that “The government needs to do something.”

Overriding of veto could be good for gold

Congress’ historic overriding of Obama’s veto of the bill that will allow the families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia for its alleged role in the terrorist attacks — intentional or inadvertent — has potentially dangerous ramifications for the US but could result in a really positive effect for the price of gold.

Still another debt problem

The official federal government debt now stands just a tad over $19.5 trillion.  Yet few talk about it, and even fewer are concerned. Off-balance sheet liabilities (commitments that have been made but funds not set aside for) are some where north of $100 trillion dollars.  Rarely talked about.

Driving the markets

Central bank actions and expectations of central bank actions are driving investment markets: the bond markets, the equity markets and the metals markets.  Economic news does not move the markets, except that markets move on how investors think that central banks will react to economic news.

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