Tuesday, September 27th, 2016 MST

The perfect climate for gold and silver

From Dow Theory Letters, September 21, 2016:

“Good news today from both the Fed and the Bank of Japan (BOJ).  The Fed announced no rate increases for now, though hinted (or teased, to be honest) that one would come later in the year. In Japan, the BOJ said it would continue an easy monetary policy even after inflation hits their 2% target.

Driving the markets

Central bank actions and expectations of central bank actions are driving investment markets: the bond markets, the equity markets and the metals markets.  Economic news does not move the markets, except that markets move on how investors think that central banks will react to economic news.

Silver takes first prize . . .

as precious metals surge, says the Financial Times, July 7, 2016. In a glowing report, the Times noted that while “Gold has done predictably well in the wake of Brexit. . . The real star of the show has been silver.”  In dollars, silver is up 16% since the Brexit vote but is up 45%

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