Sunday, April 19th, 2015 MST

Power moves east, along with gold

It was an embarrassing defeat for the US as it failed to keep its major allies from seeking membership in the China-sponsored Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), which will provide Asian countries an alternative to the US-dominated IMF, World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

Allies seeking membership include the UK, Australia, Germany, France and South Korea; a total of 47 applications were received by the Tuesday deadline.  Even Taiwan, which China considers a renegade state, seeks membership.  Japan was the only major US ally that did not apply.

The stock market is managing the Fed

Following the March 18 “Statement” by the FOMC that any interest rate increase would probably not come until September, stocks moved from negative territory into big upside gains.  Truly, the markets liked the idea that any interest rate hike would put off until later in the year. However, the following week the Dow Industrials plunged

A time to sell stocks and buy gold?

Wars, economic crises and stock market declines have major impacts on investor interest in the precious metals. Leaving the potential for wars and economic crises aside, what is the likelihood that stocks are set to enter a period of declining prices?

The death of a dinosaur

Friday, March 20, the nearly 100-year old manually done London gold fix will end, replaced by an electronic version.  The question is will the new method result in a more transparent London fix or will it be a continuation of the same old game.

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