Thursday, July 30th, 2015 MST

US Mint suspension of Silver Eagle sales explained

A great uproar was heard when the US Mint temporarily suspended sales of its 1-oz Silver Eagles, the world’s most popular government-issued 1-oz silver coins. The biggest outcry came from people who could not comprehend why the price of silver went down while the Mint admitted it could not meet demand. It’s not hard to grasp when you get the details.

Greek banks prepare for “bail-in”

In the financial news, nothing is getting more attention than Greece’s financial plight. In short, Greece cannot meet its debt payments schedule without further assistance from the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, both of which want a more strident austerity program than the present one that has already brought the people of

Greece to exit eurozone?

Reaching an agreement on Greece’s bailout is beyond the 11th hour. It’s striking midnight. Monday all eurozone presidents and prime ministers have been summoned to meet in Brussels in a final attempt to resolve Greece’s bailout stand-off. This confab is necessary because the finance ministers of the currency union failed to reach an agreement earlier

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