Saturday, April 30th, 2016 MST

Gold and silver prices surge as economy slows

And, the stock market — using the Dow Industrials — fails to make new highs.

The U.S. economy grew at its slowest pace in two years the first quarter 2016, with GDP rising .5 percent, less than half the gain posted fourth quarter 2015.  For some time, the U.S. was the shining star among world economies, but now that star is starting to dim.

Government spending, worse than taxes

April 15 is behind us, and that gives a feeling of relief to those Americans who labored and toiled in 2015 to provide for themselves and their families while seeing billions of  dollars confiscated from their earnings.  (And, now they must keep records for years just in case they are later audited by the IRS.)

War on cash

A former head of the UK’s Standard Charter bank proposes that the war on cash be ratcheted up. ln a paper published Sunday, Peter Sands demonized large banknotes, saying they are “king among terrorists, drug lords and tax cheats.” According to him, Illicit money flows are estimated to run up to $2 trillion a year.

Draghi doubles down

Mario Draghi, ECB chief, again reaffirmed his pledge to print more euros next month in a Keynesian effort to fillip economic activity in the eurozone. In December, the ECB’s measures fell short of market expectations, and stock markets declined. This time Draghi does not plan to disappoint.

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