Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 MST

Stocks look “toppy” to John Mauldin

In “Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere” John Mauldin says he’s not predicting a stock market top but offers strong evidence that stocks look “toppy.”

Excerpted from the piece:

Humans Never Learn

Should Government Abolish its Paper Money?

by Joe Cobb Harvard professor Kenneth Rogoff wrote in the Financial Times, May 29, that “Paper money is unfit for a world of high crime and low inflation.”  He proposed to get rid of paper money.  Government paper money.  What would people do to make payments?

The Poverty of Nations

The Left is making “income inequality” a cause célèbre , even trying to make it a campaign issue for this election cycle.  Academicians and theorists present many reasons for why the “top one percent” earn so much more than the middle class, but lost in the discussions is why wealth is created by some people

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