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10-oz Silver Bars

  • 10-oz Silver Bar
  • 10-oz Silver Bar
  • 10-oz Silver Bar
  • 10-oz Silver Bar
  • 10-oz Silver Bar
  • 10-oz Silver Bar

Engelhard, Johnson Matthey, NTR, Wall Street Mint, Sunshine, Academy

Ten-ounce .999 fine silver bullion bars were popular with silver bullion investors when CMIGS opened for business in Phoenix, Arizona in 1973.  Today, 10-oz silver bars remain investor favorites because they are a way to own silver bullion with features of 100-oz silver bullion bars and of 1-oz silver rounds.

The small unit values of 10-oz .999 fine silver bars make them useful if they ever have to be exchanged for goods and services.  This is the reason 1-oz silver rounds are popular, because they could be used as money if necessary.  In the gold and silver bullion industry, this is known as buying for survival purposes.

Being flat and uniform, 10-oz silver bars stack and store neatly.  And, because they are 10-oz silver bars, they have 1/10th unit value of 100-oz silver bars.
NTR 10-oz Silver Bars

NTR .999 fine 10-oz silver bullion bars are products of NTR Metals, LLC, which is headquartered in Dallas, TX.  NTR Metals boasts more than fifty facilities in the US and Europe, making it one of the world’s largest precious metals companies.

NTR 10-oz silver bars are encapsulated in soft, pliable vinyl, which protects them from tarnishing.

Engelhard and Johnson Matthey 10-oz Silver Bars

Engelhard and Johnson Matthey 10-oz silver bars are popular with investors because the names Johnson Matthey and Engelhard have long been synonymous with gold and silver.  However, Engelhard and JM 10-oz silver bars are available only when they show up in the secondary market because neither company has made 10-oz silver bars since the late1980s.
Other 10-oz silver bars

Although popular, Wall Street Mint and Academy 10-oz silver bars are no longer made, being available only via the secondary market. Early Wall Street Mint bars were huge favorites because they bear the skyline of New York City with the Twin Towers intact.

Sunshine Minting 10-oz silver bars are sometimes difficult to find and, unfortunately, normally carry higher premiums than NTR bars.  New Sunshine 10-oz silver bars do not have the mirror finish on the back, as shown in the photos.

Phoenix, Arizona Silver Bullion Dealer

Although based in Phoenix, Arizona, CMI Gold & Silver Inc. does business across the United States.  If you would like to learn which 10-oz silver bars we have available or would like to discuss buying 10-oz silver bars or any forms of silver, call us at 1-800-528-1380.  We take calls 7:00 am to 5:00 pm MST, Mondays through Fridays.  We are located in the Phoenix, Arizona financial district in uptown Phoenix.